Pre Ballet Class

Pre-Ballet and Movement

Toddlers will learn pre-ballet skills needed to develop proper ballet technique. Through this natural progression of movement, toddlers will explore fun perspectives of dance. Methods of teaching will include games to spark engagement and build developmental motor skills. The final product will be showcased at recital.

Pointe Class

Ballet / Pointe

Dance Theatre’s structured ballet programs offer multiple levels of dance created to fit every dancers’ needs. Our instructors emphasize correct technique and form of the art. Ballet serves as a building block for all other styles of dance. As dancers progress throughout the levels, they will be exposed to Classical Ballet as well as more modern styles. Once dancers reach the appropriate developmental stage (usually age 11-13) dancers can be enrolled in Pointe. Pointe is ballet in specialized shoes adding to the degree of difficulty.

Tap Class


Tap is performed wearing shoes fitted with metal taps, characterized by rhythmical tapping of the toes and heels. Tap focuses on performing the steps in rhythm with the music. Dancers practice a series of basic steps, adding more difficult combinations and rhythms as they become more proficient. Dance Theatre’s dynamic tap classes will be both fun and challenging for your dancer! Tap is growing in popularity and will help your dancer become well-rounded.

Jazz Class


Jazz is an upbeat style of dance where dancers get to truly perform. Jazz uses the combination of strength, flexibility, musicality, and stage presence. These high energy classes are available for ages seven and up. Jazz utilizes ballet techniques to form a different exciting style.

Contemporary Class


Contemporary combines aspects of dance from Jazz, Modern, and Classical Ballet to form a new style. Contemporary focuses on pretty body lines and sometimes conveying a story to the audience. Contemporary challenges dancers to portray a different emotion than any other style.



Modern is a style of dance that is forever evolving. Each individual instructor brings a new outlook on the style. Modern often challenges dancers to step outside of their comfort zone and often even break the rules of traditional ballet technique. Modern provides dancers to find their own individual dance style and identity.

Hip Hop Class

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a high energy class where dancers will learn new, innovative choreography. The choreography will contain original Hip Hop moves often seen in music videos from Disney to MTV. The dance will be accompanied by fun and upbeat music of various genres. These classes will improve groove, rhythm, and musicality, as well as, encourage self-confidence, personal style, and improvisation skills. All music and moves will be appropriate for audiences of all ages.

Stretch Turn Leap Class

Stretch Turn Leap

Stretch Turn Leap will incorporate various stretches to improve flexibility, along with exercises to improve strength and muscle control. Stretch Turn Leap focuses on core conditioning. Postures will strengthen the abdominal, back, and lower body. This class is a great way for dancers, and non-dancers, to stay in shape, improve posture, and ward off injuries.