Annual Tuition

Annual tuition may be divided into ten equal installments, the first payment is due at the time of enrollment. These installments are based on 35 lessons and remain the same regardless of absences, holidays, weather cancellations, short months and/or recital dates. Tuition is prorated for students who enroll after the start of the year.

In the event a student must withdraw, prepaid tuition cannot be refunded except under extenuating circumstances such as moving out of town or long-term injury/illness, in which case fifty percent of annual tuition paid in advance can be refunded. Dance Theatre must be notified prior to the 1st of month to avoid being drafted.

All monthly payments will be processed through automatic bank draft. This will require a bank account and routing number. The payment will be drafted on 1st of each month September through May. August is paid at the time of registration. Insufficient funds notifications will result in $25 insufficient funds fee along with any bank fees assessed. Costume, recital and competition fees along with dancewear purchases can be paid by due dates via cash, check or credit card.

Annual tuition paid in advance (time of enrollment) will qualify for a 5% discount. Siblings receive a 20% discount.

Class Fee Schedule
First Class  
45 minutes $40 month
60 minutes $45 month
Additional 1 hour class $25 month
Unlimited Classes - 1 Dancer $140 month
Unlimited Classes - Family $220 month
* $35 Registration fee after July 31st
** 20% sibling discount doe not apply to Unlimited family classes
Based on 10 month payment plan